Cold Regions

We define "cold regions" as coastal areas that experience annual ice formation on the sea surface. Our involvement with cold regions began in 1980 when we developed slope protection systems for the first extended-life, man-made islands in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea.  Since that time, we have maintained a continuous involvement with pioneering projects in this extreme environment.  Our work has ranged from the design of coastal and offshore facilities to applied research in areas that include sea ice and Arctic coastal processes.

Our experience in Alaska has led to projects in other cold regions that include the Canadian Beaufort Sea, Sakhalin Island, and the North Caspian Sea.  It also has led to our participation in the working group that developed the Arctic Offshore Structures Standard for Man-Made Islands in ISO 19902.
Coastal Processes
Coastal Structures
Field Measurements and Data Analysis
Model Studies
Community Relations/Regulatory Liaison